Camping In Your Brain

Alcohol Loves The Human Brain

Whether it be through your genes, environmental experiences or simple curiosity, once alcohol enters your bloodstream, it salivates its way to your brain, smoothly crossing your blood-brain barrier and camping for as long as it can; tonight it has found a home and your brain is it! If you are already vulnerable, such as experiencing emotional pain, suffering from a mental illness or the victim of peer pressure, you will quickly learn that alcohol is like a potion, quickly numbing away your painful experience. Once booze and your brain shake hands, call it a deal made in hell.

Does this mean that you are now prone to developing an addiction? Not necessarily. Is it possible? Absolutely. Many people with anxiety disorders or depression love alcohol. The substance helps lubricate their shyness, fears, anxieties and low mood, but only in the moment! Once your brain soaks up all the ethanol like a sponge, it crashes: you feel hungover or even worse you start to experience withdrawal effects such as tremors, anxiety, restlessness, sweating, insomnia, excessive thoughts of acquiring more alcohol and even seizures, shaking, confusion and hallucinations, something known as delirium tremens.

Why does alcohol love your brain so much? Or simply reversed, why do you like alcohol so much? I’ll let you answer those questions.

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


11 Replies to “Camping In Your Brain”

  1. “Alcohol” comes from the Arabic “al-kuhl,” which means “BODY EATING SPIRIT,” and this actually serves as the origin for the English word “ghoul.” According to Middle Eastern folklore, a ghoul is an evil demon believed to eat human bodies. Interesting, thanks for the article..

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      1. You are welcome. I do not know, I do believe that when people are under the influence that their auric field becomes open for entities to feed off of humans..

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      2. When someone references an “aura,” they’re talking about the unseen spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things. Anything alive has an aura. The different colors of your aura are thought to provide insight into your emotional and spiritual well-being. Althouh it’s not always possible to see aura colors with the naked eye, we can usually feel them. Think about how certain people give off a super warm and friendly vibe (or really negative energy) even before they say a word; that’s the aura at work.

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      3. Great explanation. Ok so I know a person who is religious (he happens to be muslim) but I feel a negative energy around him; many people do! What do you make of that? How can you worship God but have a negative aura?


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