Lockdowns Don’t Work

Life During The Coronavirus Pandemic

As COVID-19 cases continue to surge around the world, multiple countries are implementing 4-week national lockdowns. Whether the U.S. will be next is still yet to be seen, but it is my opinion that national or even local lockdowns are a terrible idea for the following reasons:

  • Small business owners are losing their income
  • The economy is crumbling
  • Many who are home are experiencing mental illnesses such as depression and anxiety
  • Many who are home are using more substances such as alcohol and marijuana
  • Lockdowns create uncertainty and fear in many people
  • Lockdowns force many people with a mental illness to remain home rather than being out and about
  • Lockdowns promote more virtual communication via Zoom and Webex rather than in-person interactions

. . . and the list goes on. The worst part about it is that even if we protest against lockdowns, the federal government will do what they wish; this is a form of control and a big middle finger to the people who elected them in the first place. It’s truly a dark time that we are living in, but we must make the most out of it and remain positive no matter the unfortunate events of this time.

What are your thoughts?

Are you Ready? (This is Defeating Stigma Mindfully)


8 Replies to “Lockdowns Don’t Work”

  1. I live in Michigan (in the US), and we had some pretty strict lockdown rules for a while. It was awful. There are still some lingering ones and they make it hard to go see mental health providers etc. I’m not a fan. I’ve seen these rules hurt friends with businesses and hurt others I know through different ways. I would just like to be able to visit with my therapist etc in person. So messed up.

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  2. I think I would have agreed but from the incidents in the USA, I noticed a lot of people are pretty selfish, refuse to use masks or social distance. So I think a lockdown while a bit much is a little necessary.


  3. Living in Australia, I’d have to disagree with you. Especially Western Australia where I live. Our life actually returned to normal months ago. No local cases for well over 200 days. Most of us, did what our government recommended, based on our health experts recommendations.
    We just relaxed border restrictions with the rest of Australia, but as there’s been a hotspot outbreak in South Australia. Hard border looks like it’ll be going back up.

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    1. If this pandemic lasts 10 more years, the people will just hand their power to the state so that they can impose lockdowns as they wish? Sounds like a Hegelian School of Thought at play.


      1. If people did things that are basic to do, lockdowns won’t be necessary. But, people in America are all.. I’m not wearing a mask, it’s my freedom.
        Do you wear a seatbelt? That was made law due to the fact, it can help save lives. Wearing a mask is a temporary thing, to aid in the prevention of a virus. Which is taking lives. The people not wearing masks, are also not doing social distancing, not washing hands. This continued stupidity will make the pandemic last longer in the US, forcing the governments hand. It’s crazy, that top concern is the government will be able to enforce lockdowns as they wish in a possible future, yet taking action now, cooperating for the benefit of all as a community should. To protect the vulnerable as a community should. Would prevent a possible future that people are scared of. Not doing that, forces a governments hand. Who’s duty of care is to ALL its citizens. February this year, I predicted a million US deaths before it becomes under control. I hoped I was wrong. I still hope I’m wrong. I have a lot of people I care about in the US, but, I’m now thinking the US will breeze past that number. A good friend who was trying to do the right thing, got CoVid. And two months after “recovering” is still struggling so much. Now has a heart condition. Can’t do the things he took for granted 3, 4 months ago.


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